Spirit Island: Spirit Promo Pack 2

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Spirit Island Spirit Promo Pack 2 includes 2 additional Spirits (Finder of Paths Unseen and Downpour Drenches the World) , their associated Innate Power cards, 5 Fear Cards, 5 Aspect Card, 2 Scenario Panels, and 1 Adversary Panel!

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Finder of Paths Unseen

"Finder of Paths Unseen is a Spirit of ways and paths, travelers and journeys, places and boundaries. The paths they travel seem to exist in another realm that weaves through and around our world - or perhaps this is just a trick of perspective, and it’s simply our world interacted with in a different way. Regardless, Finder of Paths Unseen interacts with place and way and journey in ways even most Spirits cannot.  

They have good relations with the Dahan, some of whom are close enough to them to simply call them Pathmaker, rather than their more formal title-name. (Whether they “make” or “find” paths - or “uncover”, “open”, “enable”, or “empower” them - is something nobody can quite say; all those words are in good measure correct, but none of them exactly right.) Some older spirit-speakers acting as mentors or teachers will walk its paths with their students, reaching places on the far side of the island for an afternoon’s studies or conversation rather than having to make a trip of months or longer. This isn’t done trivially: the patterns that best please Pathmaker tend to be intricate and (from a human perspective) spread out piecemeal over miles, rather than a simple sketch scribed in beach-sand or ash. But given an excuse, they’re happy to help individuals and small groups; they may be enigmatic in some ways, but their nature is clearly not merely of paths, but of those paths’ travel (or forbiddance).  

Finder of Paths Unseen is also an occasional psychopomp, helping Dahan soulforms move on promptly to wherever / whatever happens next. (The Dahan have been told by Spirits that yes, when a human dies, a non-physical portion of them continues to exist, at least for a little while. Then it becomes absent - not destroyed, simply “no longer there” - which the Dahan interpret as something roughly like “go somewhere else”. A handful of Spirits can - and occasionally do - prey on those soulforms, should they encounter them, and a number of Dahan death customs originate from the desire to misdirect or deceive these Spirits, just in case.) The Dahan consider hummingbirds in general as potential helpers of Pathmaker: some spirits associated with them and their realm appear as such, and even the physical birds may have some connection."

- Description from R. Eric Reuss

Downpour Drenches the World

"Spirit Island has a dry season and a wet season, but those descriptions are very broad. The wet season brings more frequent and heavier rains, but it doesn’t pour constantly - the skies do clear from time to time. And specific areas of the island have their own local variations in climate and rainfall.

Downpour Drenches the World paid little heed to the Invaders at first, but has been seeing more and more cleared land as it flies on its journeys. It brings rain to the Invaders’ crops just as much as any other plants - that’s in its nature - but finds no joy in rolling around their ranked and serried fields, and its contented nature is slowly giving way to a fierce resentment."

- Description from R. Eric Reuss 

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